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Horse Drawn Wagon Peter Schuttler Steel Wheel Original Usable Western Farm Ride

Price: US $2,695.00

This full sized antique horse drawn steel wheeled wagon is a Peter Schuttler

The box is rebuilt. It measures 10 foot long 38 inches wide. It has a step on each side, rein tie, foot rest , a nice spring seat. It has been weather treated so it can set out side for years

It is a good usable wagon

Looks great. Buy it now!

Antique Horsedrawn Wagon High Narrow Wood Wheels Original Gear Good Usable

Price: US $2,999.00

This narrow high wooden wheeled antique Horsedrawn wagon is in great working condition. The box is 8 ft long, 31 1/2 inches wide 9 1/2 inches deep. Has a foot rest, rein tie, tension rods, spring seat, & a good set of eveners

Horse-Drawn Covered Wagon Authentic Original Antique Western Decor Prop Sign

Price: US $4,499.00

This is an authentic, original, antique, covered wagon, with new tarp & bows. A John Deere, no less The box is Rock island Plow works, which was bought by John Deere. It's all original. 26 inches deep, 2 boards with metal strip at each level, fold out tail gate, tension rods front & back & a chain in the middle. There's a step on each side, foot rest, and a rein tie. It's 38 wide, 10'6 long.

The John Deere running gear has original, good brake system with new break shoes. The wheels have been off & greased. They are 1 7/8 inches wide. The back are 44 inches tall & the front are 40.

The barrel has been added on the side & the tarp & bows are new

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Antique Horse-Drawn Wagon Photo Prop Wedding Decor Advertising Driving Light Easy

Price: US $2,500.00

Currently located in Louisiana, this antique wagon is in great condition. Ready to pull. Looks great too!

The box is 8' long, 32" wide, and 1' deep. The shaves are 8' long, and the wheels are 1 1/2" wide. The front is 38" tall, and the back is 42" tall.

It has been properly restored with all the original hardware. It has also been weather-treated.

It has wheel stops, side steps on both sides. Foot rest, rein tie in front.

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Antique Buggy

Price: US $1,000.00

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Horse-Drawn Antique Wagon Vintage Western Advertising Usable Driving Trail Ride

Price: US $3,999.00

This Ferguson wagon is in useable condition. The wheels are in very good shape and the running gear still has some original stencil in even on the reach. It's very tight- slightly used

The wheels are 3 inches wide. The back are 44 inches tall and the front are 38 inches tall.

The box is 10 ft long and 40 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It has been restored with true dimensional lumber and the original hardware. The floor is tongue & groove, there's a metal strip around the top, tension rods front & back both levels, rein tie , foot rest, step on each side.

It has a nice high back, spring seat The shalves are 7 ft long and straight.

This wagon is ready to go to work for you! Buy it now!

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Horse-Drawn Buggy Buckboard Wagon Wood Wheels Light Driving Western Fun

Price: US $1,999.00

This is a light buckboard. The box is 7' long, 33" wide, 7" deep, with tongue-and-groove flooring. It has a step on each side, foot rest in front, and a rein tie. The tailgate is removable. It has front & rear connecting tension rods. It has a nice spring seat with original springs. This is a sharp-looking little buckboard. It will turn at a 75-degree angle. This wagon has been weather-treated to set outside for several years. It could be pulled in a parade, across the prairie, or just look really cool in your yard. This wagon could be hauled in a long box pickup

The front wheels are 38"; the back is 42" tall and 1" wide. The shafts are 7' long and will fit any normal horse.

Antique Chuck Wagon Peter Schuetler Horse-Drawn Wood Wheel Original Western Art

Price: US $5,495.00

This is an original, antique Peter Schuetler horse-drawn chuck wagon in great condition.

The box is 10'6" long, has swing out tailgate, tension rods front & back, chain in the center, original steps on each side, and original foot rest & rein tie. The box is 27" deep and can be lifted apart to make a 1 board high wagon. It has the original wood floor in good condition.

The wooden wheels are 2 1/2" wide. The front is 40" tall; the back is 44" tall. Good usable condition with some original paint.

This wagon has an original high back spring seat.

A chuck box , tarp & bows, a 20 gallon wooden water barrel , a shovel, 3 tine pitch fork, a hay knife and a rope fence stretcher have been included.

The tongue is 11 ft long and straight with good single trees & eveners.

This wagon is hitch ready. Buy it now!

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Antique HorseDrawn Wagon Peter Schuttler Gear Ranch Decor Western Advertising

Price: US $2,999.00

This is a Peter Schulttler original gear. It has an old original box on it, not necessarily a Peter Schuttler, but old and original. It makes an awesome display of Old West tradition.

The wheels are 53 by 1 3/4 in the back, and the front are 45 by 1 3/4. The wheels are in good condition, and have been recently greased. This wagon could be pulled.

The box is an old box off a farm wagon that someone has redone the floor and painted it red. It is 38 inches wide, 25 1/2 inches deep, and 10 feet 6 inches long. There are connecting rods front and rear, metal strip around the top, a nice spring seat, a rein tie, and good side steps.

This wagon has been weather treated.
This wagon is great ranch decor / advertising material, with lots of history and character. Buy it Now!

Peter Schuttler has often been referred to as the "Great Chicago Wagon King" in Midwestern U.S. lore. He was born on December 22, 1812 in Wachenheim, Germany and died on January 16, 1865 in Chicago. As late as 1910, when Peter Schuttler III was chief executive of the company, Schuttler & Hotz Manufacturers continued to employ about three hundred men at its factory on 22nd Street in Chicago. But the advent of the automobile meant the end of an era for the Schuttler wagon works, which ceased operations by the middle of the 1920s

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ChuckWagon John Deere Triumph Covered HorseDrawn Antique Chuck Wagon VGC Useable

Price: US $5,999.00

This original John Deere Triumph horse drawn wagon has a chuck box, an extra pan box, and tarp & bows.

The box, wheels and gear are all original. It is in good useable condition. This antique horse drawn wagon is an original John Deere Triumph Special. It is in exceptional shape, with some original stenciling.

It does have good, functional brakes, with new brake blocks. The wheels are 53 by 1 3/4 in the back, and the front are 45 by 1 3/4. All the spokes, fellos, everything is solid. One of the back wheels has been repaired by a blacksmith, hand forged as would have been done in it's day - they did a nice job many years ago, perhaps when the wagon was fairly new. The wheels are in good condition, and have been recently greased.

The box is all original except for the rein tie, and front step, on which the wood has been replaced. One underneath support also was replaced-all as origin. It is 38 inches wide, 25 1/2 inches deep, and 10 feet 6 inches long. There are connecting rods front and rear, metal strip around the top, a nice spring seat, a swing out tail gate, and good side steps. It has a swing out tail gate (bottom level).

This wagon has been weather treated.This is a good usable wagon, and can be pulled in the parade, in competitions, or around the county. Buy it Now! This is a very nice wagon, at a good price.

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Antique HorseDrawn Wagon Western Buckboard Decor Light Driving Ranch Wagon

Price: US $2,495.00

This antique horse drawn wagon a light, high narrow wooden wheeled, spring buckboard, in very good condition, with very good wheels.  The wheels have orignal rubber on them to make the right nicer.  The springs under the box, and the double coil seat springs also increase the comfort of the ride.

The box is 32 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 8 feet long, with a tongue n groove floor.   Some of the wood has been replaced in the box, but the hardware is all original.  There are connecting rods front and rear.   There is a nice spring seat, with double coilseat support / hangers, foot rest with an extra metal piece for scraping boots, tieing reins, or whatever, and a wooden step on each side.

The wheels are 1 1/2 inches wide, the back wheels are 44 1/2 inches tall and the front are 39 inches tall.  The wheels have been taken off and the hubs greased.  They are in good shape with rubber around the edge.

The shalves are 6 1/2 feet ong from the eveners to the point.  They are 24 inches apart at the tips.  It has been weather treated so it can set outside.

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Antique Davenport Horse Drawn Covered Wagon Original Solid Useable Steel Wheeled

Price: US $3,999.00

This Davenport wagon, was made in Davenport, Iowa, in 1904-1910, when John Deere bought out the company.  This wagon has tarp and bows added.  It is in good useable condition.  It has steel wheels and roller bearings. 

Davenport Wagon Co., established in 1904, held a unique niche in the market: production of steel wagons. Launched by partners Nathaniel French, G. Watson French and J.L. Hecht, the company boasted a "one-horse-lighter" draft, claiming its wagons' wheels turned more easily on roller bearings than on the cast iron or steel skeins used in wood wagons.

Deere & Co. quickly established itself as a market leader in wagon manufacture, acquiring highly regarded, established suppliers. Acquisition of Fort Smith (Ark.) Wagon Co., Davenport (Iowa) Wagon Co. and the Moline (Ill.) Wagon Co. in 1910-11 created a new platform: the John Deere Wagon Works.

During the first World War, John Deere Wagon Works prospered, filling military wagon orders. Between World War I and World War II, wagon sales fluctuated with the farm economy. By the mid-1940s, though, farmers were looking for steel wagons with rubber tires. Wood wagon production at John Deere ended in 1947.

The box and seat have been restored with Alaskan fir, 1x 12's, true dimensional.  The bolts are carriage bolts and square nuts, non coated, so they will rust to match.  The hardware is all original.  It has a good step on each side, rein tie, foot rest, and lift up end gate, metal strip around the lower level, tension rods front and back.  The floor is good, tongue n groove.  The bottom board is 12 inches wide, the top is 12.  It has been treated with linseed oil.

The tongue is 10 feet long with like-new eveners.  The double tree is made solid, and is steel, which makes a nice solid step.  It also has a 12 foot long steel tongue that is not in the pictures that was made for this gear originally.  It has a removable wood tongue in it for easy access, so it could drop down in the front.  The steel tongue is a stiff tongue and will be included. The wheels are 3 inches wide.  The backs are 48 inches tall, and the front are 40.  The box is 10 ft long, 24 in deep, 38 in wide.  A nice high back spring seat is included.

This wagon can be pulled, used, or used for ambiance.  Looks great in the yard.

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